Why Cuban link chains are so expensive ?

Why Cuban link chains are so expensive ?

Even in the high-end world of jewelry, Cuban link chains are a symbol of luxury. Once a quintessential part of hip-hop style in the ’70s and ’80s, these chains have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Today, you’ll find prominent rappers like Future, Daddy Yankee, and Lil Uzi Vert wearing Cuban link chains.

Although the majority of these chains are machine-made, many of the most expensive ones are handmade by just a few shops in Miami. One handmade 18-karat gold Cuban link chain can cost $27,000, and some of the most valuable ones will cost 10 times that. In 2012, Jay-Z wore one of the most expensive Cuban link chains made at the time, worth $200,000.

So how exactly are Cuban link chains made? And why are they so expensive?

Making a single Cuban link chain requires the skill of more than five experienced jewelers and can take over 12 hours.The soldering is the most intricate part of the process. It requires an immense amount of skill and attention to detail.

The biggest reason the Cuban chain is so expensive is that there are so many diamonds. Now people have found a cheaper gem to replace diamonds, this is the Moissanite. But the Cuban chain with Moissan diamonds is still very expensive. A real Cuban chain of Moissanite costs about $10,000.

This is because the production of Moissanite still requires high technology. Most Cuban chain manufacturers need to buy Moissanite from Moissanite manufacturers. The black soldiers established their own Moissanite laboratory. A large amount of Moissanite can be produced. So the Moissanite Cuban chain produced by the black soldiers is very cheap. You can buy cheap Moissanite Cuban chains from here.

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